Sunday LifeGroups

Host Home- Mike and Monica Brennan

LifeGroup Shepherd- Mike Brennan

Meeting Time- Sunday 1:00 PM with lunch

Address- 168 Black Forest Dr., Madison Heights

Point of Contact- Mike Brennan


Phone- (434) 401-4920

Host Home- Junior and Angela Loyd

LifeGroup Shepherd- Brandon Paine

Meeting Time- Sunday 1:00 PM

Address- 334 Amber Ridge Dr., Madison Heights

Point of Contact- Brandon Paine


Phone- (225) 361-9112

Tuesday LifeGroups


Host Home- Raymond and Pam Chupp

LifeGroup Shepherd- Mark Moore

Meeting Time- Tuesdays, 6:30PM

Address- 1665 S. Amherst Highway, Amherst

Point of Contact- Mark Moore


Phone- (434) 946-9994



Wednesday LifeGroups

Host Home- Glen and Jane Vetzikian
LifeGroup Shepherd- Glen Vetzikian
Meeting Time- Wednesdays, 6:45 PM
Address- 600 Woodland Drive, Madison Heights
Point of Contact- Terry Glover 

Phone- (434) 381-0430

Host Home- Koky and Angel Alvarado
LifeGroup Shepherds- Koky and Angel Alvarado
Meeting Time- Wednesdays, 6:45 PM
Address- 119 Possum Island Road, Madison Heights
Point of Contact- Koky  or Angel 

Phone- (832) 978-5893

Thursday LifeGroups


Host  Home- Jack and Jessalyn Bonneville

LifeGroup Shepherd- Jack Bonneville
Meeting Time- Thursdays, 7:00 PM
Address- 303 N. Main Street, Amherst
Point of Contact- Jack Bonneville 

Phone- (434) 221-6661


Due to the Covid Pandemic

some groups are currently

not meeting.

Please call to find out if the group you would like to attend is meeting.

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