The Frontline ministry is just as the name says, the “Front Line.” Our Frontline team is the people who handle the hospitality side of our worship celebration. For so long people have arrived at Churches and experienced a cold shoulder, but at Oasis Church we want to go out of our way to make sure you feel welcomed and comfortable. From Greeters, Setup persons, hospitality host and other team members all of our Frontline members are here for our guest.Our “Frontline” ministry covers many aspects of service at Oasis Church. We have men and women working in the following areas: Hospitality table, Welcome and Information tables, Greeters, Ushers, Set-up for Sunday worship service. Each of these ministry areas offers a wide selection of service possibilities. Anyone is welcome to participate in one or more of these areas.

Point of Contact: Junior Loyd 

You’ll find great programs for your children, from babies through 5th grade, during our services. We encourage our families to worship together in the “Big Church” and then the Kids are invited back to experience church like never before with games, music, video, and teaching designed to present God’s truth in fun and innovative ways.

Children will not be released from Oasis Kids to anyone but the Parent and/or Guardian.We love babies, toddlers, boys and girls at Oasis Church and provide ministry to them from birth through fifth grade. Our goal and prayer is to help children discover Jesus in a personal way so they will grow up with His teaching firmly implanted in their hearts. We always seek to provide a healthy, safe place where the babies and children are ministered to through prayers, songs, Bible stories and crafts by loving teachers.

Point of Contact: Dr. Monica Brennan

The Wave Student Ministry exists to reach every student in Amherst County with the Good News of Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:18-20), helping to lead them into a relationship with Him (Phil. 3:8), growing them and equipping them with the tools to share the Gospel with their friend and family with no shame (Rom. 1:16).

Point of Contact: Nathaniel Laremore

The IronMen Ministry at Oasis Church is for men inside and outside of the church.  Men getting together to learn the Word, share burdens and have fun.

IronMen Activities:

•  Weekly Men’s Prayer Breakfast

•  Day of Fishing
•  Super Bowl Sunday

•  Night at the Movies
•  Men’s Service Projects

•  Weekend Camping Trip

•  Annual Men’s Retreat

•  Measure of a Man/Bible Study

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Prov. 27:1

Point of Contact: Glen Vetzikian

The mission of women's ministry is to enrich the lives of women of all ages and backgrounds with the Truth of God’s Word, encouraging them to know Christ intimately, educating them to embrace their Biblical role of “helper,” defined by God, and exhorting them to evangelize and disciple others.

Titus 2:3-5: ”In the same way, teach older women to be holy in their behavior, not speaking against others or enslaved to too much wine, but teaching what is good. Then they can teach the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be wise and pure, to be good workers at home, to be kind, and to yield to their husbands. Then no one will be able to criticize the teaching God gave us.” (NCV)

Point of Contact: Nedra Rose

Our worship ministry team is a group of like minded disciples who are gifted in music. Worship is one of our primary focuses at Oasis Church. We find worship encouraging and necessary for every believer. Our worship team is not confined to one particular style, genre, or time period in the song selection. We invite you to come and worship with us.

Point of Contact: Church Office

In the tech ministry, we join in worship every Sunday by using our gifts and talents in order to help usher people into worship by helping the worship team, create an above focused environment. We help create this by using our abilities to remove distractions from noise, words on the screen, and helping things run smoothly behind the scenes. A good day of worship entails us being unnoticed.

Point of Contact: Church Office

The media ministry is about serving God and reaching Amherst and Nelson Co. with every form of Media possible. We are blessed to have our hand in every ministry by photographing the great things happening around Oasis and designing prints for it all along the way. The ministry consists of web and graphic design, photography, and managing social media. 

Point of Contact: Media Ministry

Freedom Ministry is a Christ-centered, biblical based process for hurting people. This ministry is intended to assist individuals to come to know the complete joy and freedom that Jesus intends for us to enjoy.  It is a systematic, accelerated discipleship program for spiritual growth.


Since we are the products of a fallen world, we have both sinned and been sinned against.  Recovery means to RE-Cover the life God desires for us.  It is recovery from substances, behaviors, and thought patterns which steal our joy and lead us to make choices which are detrimental to ourselves and our loved ones. We usually meet Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm in the Nursery of the Worship Center. If it will be your first visit, please text 434-381-4632 ahead of time to verify that we will be meeting that day. For more information, please visit Come join us and learn how to live life as God intended!

Point of Contact: Vicki Murillo


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